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Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekend Off

I made it to Friday!!! That's about how I feel after this week!

My husband left last Monday for a trip to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti with Convoy of Hope. He went with a group of pastors to tour the devastation and see the lingering needs there. He said he's never seen anything like it - not even when we went to India years ago. There are close to one million orphans living in their orphanages, and only a few actually adopt the children out - the rest are run with the intention that the children within their walls will live there until adulthood. Only 60% of Haitian children make it to age five because of malnutrition and disease. The average lifespan of a Haitian is 40-45 years old. Can you imagine an entire culture without grandparents? My pastor-husband was gripped with the needs and looks forward to doing what our church can to make a difference.

Meanwhile, back at home, I was on my own. Even my in-laws, who share our country property, were out of town. It was sometimes difficult dealing with behavioral issues without communication with my husband. Couple that with carting children from one part of town to the other for this and that...I was missing my life partner! But because he was gone, I spent more late nights with worship on my iPod pressing into my Heavenly Father for breakthroughs. God set me up! He's so good at that.

Also, while my hubby was gone, I finished inventory of all the children's clothing for fall/winter so I know what needs they have. That's always a big job, but I feel so blessed when it's completed, because I realize what provision my God has given us.

My hubby returned last night, and we all happily greeted him as he got off the plane. So nice to have Daddy back!

Now, today, my daughter and I leave in just an hour for the Girlfriend Conference, a women's retreat for all the women from our Real Life Family of Churches. It will be nice to get away and enjoy some time set aside with Jesus. It's my daughter's first year attending, and she will be staying in a cabin with some other teen girls from the three churches. She's very excited about that. I will sing on the combined worship team which is always fun. I am sharing a room with another pastor's wife who I adore, so that will be a blessing.

I pray you all have a wonderful weekend, worshiping God in your local churches. Be very blessed!

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