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Thursday, February 7, 2013

How Our Large Family Wards Off Illness

Just like any other group of individuals, our family tends to share germs really well. When one of us comes down with something, its not long before others in the family get sick, too.

This past cold/flu season, I've discovered a remedy that has prevented us from getting sick (except my husband, who isn't always the best patient and doesn't allow me to nurse him like I do my children).

One at least three occasions, I have felt my body starting to get sick - sore throat, nasal drip or congestion, etc. But I've kept it from growing into a full-blown illness with God's naturally provided "medicine."

My kids, also, have started with sniffles or complained of sore throats, and I immediately begin this natural treatment, and symptoms go away without ever worsening.

I even treated my mother-in-law a few weeks ago, and she got well.

For the record, our family doesn't get the flu shot and hasn't for several years.

So are you ready to hear my natural remedies? Treatments that do not come with harmful side-effects? Remedies that God Himself gave us in nature?

When I sense a cold or flu is trying to manifest, I begin this treatment, RIGHT AWAY! (This isn't nearly as effective if a cold or flu is already full-blown.)

1. Elderberry Syrup - This is powerful stuff!!! I cannot take it on an empty stomach or I will get nauseated immediately, it's that strong. But it's oh-so effective! It's so strong, you only have to take it once a day. You can also take it for the entirety of cold/flu season as prevention, if you desire. Elderberry is a natural immune system booster. I even like the Immune System formula in the second picture below, as it also contains echinacea and other things to fight illness.
For the kids, I give this:

2. Echinacea Tea - Echinacea is a very effective natural remedy for fighting colds and flus, but only if its taken right at the start of symptoms. I like to drop some local honey in my echinacea tea. Drink as much as you like.

If you do end up getting nasal congestion, one of my tried and true remedies to speed up relief is a nasal wash like this. I have yet to get try this on my kids.

I hope you find these remedies to be helpful for you and your family!

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