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Friday, February 10, 2012

My House Cleaning Routine

For me, house cleaning routines change with seasons of life. In our home, with seven people (including four boys under the age of 9), we HAVE to clean every week. I may not have to be thorough every week, but I do have to, at minimum, wipe everything down every week. There have been times it worked best for me to clean the whole house in one day once a week. Other times, such as this current life season, it is easier for me to clean a little bit each day. Right now, my cleaning routine is as follows:

MONDAY: I clean the kitchen (except the floors) - I start by tidying and clearing as much off the counter tops as possible, putting them away in cabinets; I use disinfecting wipes to wipe down the range hood, range top, outside and inside of the microwave, outside of oven and refrigerator, front of dishwasher, and all counter tops; I wipe my dining table and all the place-mats; and I use Comet to scrub my sink; we also wash my 12yo's bed sheets every two weeks

TUESDAY: I clean the laundry room (except the floors) - This isn't too difficult. It mainly consists of wiping down the laundry machines (for the washer, that means lifting the lid and cleaning inside the top rim). In addition, my 12yo cleans her bathroom this day, as it is right off of the laundry room. I wash my 3yo's bed sheets every two weeks

WEDNESDAY: I clean the other two bathrooms (the master and the boys' bathroom) - I use glass cleaner with paper towels on the mirrors; I use disinfecting wipes to wipe all the counter tops, the toilet, and the sink; I pour bleach into the toilet bowl and use a brush to swish it around and clean up under the rim; I use a squirt bottle of diluted bleach to spray the showers and tubs; I also wash the master bed sheets every two weeks

THURSDAY: On this day, I dust and vacuum the bedrooms, hallway, playroom, and living room; I wash my 8yo's bed sheets every two weeks

FRIDAY: I clean the hard floors - the kitchen, the laundry room, and the front entry floors; I also wash my 6yo's bed sheets every two weeks

SATURDAY: We usually do random house projects on Saturdays (things that don't need to be done weekly); I also wash my 4yo's bed sheets every two weeks

That is our current cleaning schedule. Daily tidying, laundry, and dishes happen through our chore charts.

What's your current cleaning schedule?


  1. Hi Chris, found you on Raising Homemakers and enjoyed looking around your blog. My husbands always telling me I need to get on a schedule. This was helpful. Thanks!

  2. That's a great routine! And good idea designating a day for each persons sheet washing! Come link up with me!

    1. I also want to try this as a starter for my own schedule. I've just been doing things as I see them until now. Thanks for the inspiration ! Xx Sarah