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Friday, January 4, 2013

My Awakening Fast Menu & Shopping List

awakening fast 2013

If you don't already know about the nation-wide Awakening Fast, this is an excerpt from the email sent out yesterday to our women by our Women's Ministries Director, Cheryl McEachron (who is one of my dear friends and mentor):

Beginning Monday, January 7, churches around the nation are entering a 21-day fast called the Awakening Fast. Fasting is called for by God several times in the Bible when His people needed God's divine intervention or when someone was wanting to focus on crying out to God for a particular answer (Nehemiah, Esther). We need a REVIVING, an AWAKENING in our spirits so we recognize our desperate need for HIM! In the book of Daniel in the Old Testament we see Daniel a young Hebrew that has been taken captive with several of his friends by the Babylonian, King Nebuchadnezzar. This young man is offered, even ordered to eat the food from the King's table, which is against his Jewish dietary laws. He resolves himself to humbly request a very restricted diet - all fruits and vegetables, grains and only water to drink. Later Daniel fasts for 21 days by eating no meat, no sweets and no fermented drinks. We now call this way of eating for 10 days or 21 days, a Daniel Fast. For Daniel, he & his friends, they were tested and found to be better than any of the other young men, and at the end of the 21 days he has an angelic visitation and a powerful end time vision. What is it you desire from God?? What would you sacrifice to meet with God?? Fasting is more than changing or eliminating food for a period of time. It is a time to spend time with God and focus on what pleases Him. 

Types of Fasts: 
Full Fast: Fluids only, no food (water or juice)
Daniel Fast: Eat no meat, no sweets or breads, Drink water and juice. Eat fruits and vegetables. 
Partial Fast: From 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (or sun-up to sun-down) (select what type of fast; full, Daniel, or at least one food during that time), you could also choose to fast media or any other item God lays on your heart

Prepare to Fast:
If you are ceasing to use coffee and/or sugar, begin today to cut down on the amount you use each day so you will minimize the discomfort of the detoxification your body will go through if you stop all at once. Detox symptoms are headache and possible irritability. You may also feel more fatigue and need a little extra sleep or rest.   

Strengthen Your Heart:
Many of you have a devotional you read everyday, but if you would like fresh devotions delivered to your inbox morning and evening go to and check the box at the bottom of the screen. There are also encouraging messages by many wonderful leaders found on - on the upper righthand corner click on Quick Links and click on the 21-Day Video journal as of January 6. 
If you need a list of foods you can eat, recipes, and devotions all in one place try  

My husband and I will be doing the Daniel Fast starting Monday, and my 9yo son wants to join us. Our other older children are choosing their own methods of fasting.

I look forward to this fast every year. Not only is it a wonderful way to start the year, setting my mind on things above, but I enjoy the eating plan. In the past, we've lost around 11 pounds during this 21 day fast. We enjoy eating whole, real, God-made foods at home anyways, so this isn't much of a stretch for us. But we do eliminate meat and dairy, and all those delicious sweets (that I'm now so tired of after the holidays). Our focus for this fast is on God-made foods that come from plants, mainly fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Here's the menu I've created to keep us on track during this fast. I've used the same one for the past three years.

Flatbread with PB
Oatmeal with apples or berries, honey, & nuts
Banana covered in PB & rolled in granola
Potato & veggie burrito
Cream of wheat with raisins or mashed bananas & nuts
Whole grain cereal, puffed brown rice cereal, shredded mini wheats, or granola with almond milk, fruit
Whole grain waffles with pure maple syrup
Ezekiel bread topped with honey & cinnamon & broiled till toasted

Grilled veggie wraps
Chili on baked potato
Veggie patty with oven fries or roasted red potatoes
Soup & salad, Ezekiel bread toasted with olive oil & sea salt
Greek salad & W.W. pita
Black bean, corn, & tomato salad
Bean burrito & fruit
Spinach salad
Dinner leftovers

Red beans & rice
Mediterranean pasta with O.O. & garlic, salad
W.W. linguine with broccoli
Grilled veggie wraps or pitas
Vegetable soup with barley
Veggie stir fry with peanuts over whole grain rice
Beans & cornbread with honey or flatbread
Chunky minestrone
Vegetable saute over pasta or rice
Lentils with spinach & garlic, whole wheat crackers
Couscous with asparagus & orange
Chili (no meat)
Roasted veggie pita with hummus
Tortilla soup with Taco Salad (no meat)
Veggie Paninis on flat bread with grilled portabella mushrooms
Winter squash with pure maple syrup & nuts or stuffed with whole grain rice
Vegetarian spaghetti with tomato sauce & mushrooms, salad
Black bean tacos with lettuce, tomato, onion, salsa

Apples & PB
Fruit & nuts
Rice cakes with PB & raisins
Air popped popcorn (olive oil & salt)
Fruit kabobs
Whole grain crackers & PB
Flatbread chips with hummus
Sweet potato fries
Celery & PB
Corn tortilla chips & salsa or guacamole
The following is my grocery list for the fast. It may appear long, but many of these items, I already have on hand, so I don't have to buy everything here. But its my checklist to ensure I have all I need.

Minced garlic
Sea salt & pepper
Taco & chili seasoning
Vegetable broth
Corn, canned or frozen
Diced tomatoes, canned
Black beans, canned (put in blender & salt for refried beans)
Tomato sauce (no sugar)
Corn tortilla chips
Whole grain crackers (I like Ak-Mak)
Rice cakes
Natural peanut butter
Whole grain flatbread, tortillas, & pitas
Ezekiel bread
Frozen berries & fruit for smoothies
Veggie burger patties
Pure maple syrup
Several different kinds of raw nuts
Rolled oats
Cream of wheat
Whole grain cereal, puffed brown rice cereal, or Cheerios
Granola (or make your own)
Dry Beans (pinto, kidney, navy, any kind)
Whole grain pastas, variety
Whole grain rice (brown or wild)
Olive oil
Popcorn kernels

Fresh Produce
Squash, summer (yellow & green)
Squash, winter
Bell peppers
Mushrooms, small & portabella
Potatoes, sweet, russet, & red
Lettuce & salad toppings
Any other veggies you like
Any other fruit you like
Here's a printable version of this menu and list for your personal use.

If you plan to join us in this spiritual journey over the next several weeks, I hope you find these lists helpful. Planning is the first step, so I've done that for you. Now, you can focus on getting your heart set on God, seeking His will for this year, and asking for His intervention in our nation. If ever a year to depend on God, this is the year, with the way the nation and world are heading. Thank you, Jesus, that I have you to lean on and that you are in charge, not the government. We need God now more than ever!

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