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Friday, September 21, 2012

Lots Happening in the Seiler Household

We've been members of a nearby large homeschooling group, CHIL (Christian Homeschoolers in Lodi) ever since we moved to the Galt/Lodi area. However, we've never participated in their Monday co-op classes. It just hadn't worked in our schedule. My children have begged to do them, as they know many of the kids who participate in CHIL from different homeschool events. These kids are fabulous! They're so polite, well-mannered, clean-cut, and for the most part, share our family values. But I just never could make it work.

Recently, however, I sensed my kids really needed to spend more time around good kids who share their values. I went ahead and signed the kids up for the Monday classes. My kids were thrilled! We started this past Monday, and I was actually very happy with it all. I enjoyed hanging out with Mom-friends of mine. The kids loved their individual classes and hanging out with friends. It went very well! I think it's going to be very good for everyone!
Hannah with her good friend, Sadie

Three of my boys having lunch with some of their friends

My two youngest boys in The Goldfish Gang class

I told you all before how I wasn't enjoying our state-adopted Language Arts curriculum. I returned it and ordered Pathways, and Amish-based Language Arts curriculum, for my three oldest. I started it today with my two boys, and we absolutely love it! I'm very happy right now!

In addition, we're really starting to get serious about getting our farm going. As we anticipate the possibility of economic collapse in America's future, we have made a few goals for ourselves:
1) We want to grow our own food for our family, and
2) We want to create sources of additional income for our family.

I'm looking forward to our next couple projects. This weekend, we want to stake out our future garden and begin soaking the ground. We want to get our fruit trees planted. And we also need to start preparing the future pig pen, which will be in an existing pen on the back of the property, but it needs much cleanup. So fun!!!!

I've been wanting to share some new pictures with you of the chickens and how big they've gotten, as well as our newly painted coop. But, as I shared with you before, my camera took a nose-dive. My in-laws have their camera with them this weekend, so pictures will have to wait.

There's so much more going on, and I'll let you know more wonderful transitions happening with us in future weeks.

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