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Friday, March 23, 2012

Clothing Inventory & Chore Charts

When spring is fast approaching and I know the weather is about to change, I start taking inventory of all the children's clothing for the coming season. (I do the same thing again as fall gets closer.)

1. I go through each child's winter clothes and put them away in storage bins or on the top shelf of their closet where they're still accessible, but not mixed with summer clothes.

2. Then, I go into the barn where I store hand-me-down clothes. I look for cool clothes in the size my children are going into - hand-me-downs from their older brothers. I include shoes.

3. All this time, I'm getting rid of clothing with stains or that are really out-dated.

4. When I'm all done gathering summer clothes, I count how many of each item I have using a chart I created:

5. I decide how many of each item each child NEEDS. I then circle or highlight whatever I do not have enough of. That becomes my shopping list for that child for the upcoming season.
Here's the Seiler family's chore chart for this month. Notice we've now added "water garden," to the list - yay!!!

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  1. This is something I badly need to do, as my kids just won't stop growing! Thanks for sharing your method—I'm trying to gather ideas to make my clothing storage work better.