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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tour Our New Country Home (Pt. 1)

We are all moved! It's been a crazy week! We got keys last Friday, worked for the next five days, then had a huge July 4th Party - 60 people! It was lots of hard work, but a ton of fun!!!

Today, I'll take you on a tour of the outside spaces. Tomorrow, we'll have a looksy on the inside. Enjoy!

Let me show you around...
View from the street/court
My front porch from the circular driveway

The view from my prayer place on the front porch 
My in-laws trailer, where they sleep at night
The house even came with a flower bed full of my favorites - hydrangeas!
The back porch (still messy from our 4th of July party)
This was taking standing at my back porch looking out at the trampoline.
This is also taken from my back porch looking out at our new small pool. 
This is the back of the property, lined with trees, and a few little hills.

My prayer place

Our new lab-mix puppy, Coco, loves sleeping on the front porch.

Still haven't got all the 4th of July decorations put away yet.

This is puppy's place where she sleeps at night on the back porch. She's happy as a clam there.
Here's two of our older dogs - Nemo (8yo) on the left, Dory (6yo) on the right

Puppy Coco is already 9 weeks old and getting taller

This is my in-laws dog, Tahoe, napping by my back door.

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