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Friday, July 20, 2012

Third Week on Heritage Farm

In many ways, life in the country is similar to life in the city. But in more ways, it's very different. It may be because we're still settling and getting things in order, but there's a lot more things that interrupt your routine. I have a plan for each and every day, but that plan doesn't always happen. Hired help shows up to work on something, a dog has a tick that needs to be removed, we find a dead animal that needs to be buried (I'll tell you about that in a minute), the mower/tractor won't start...always something. But it's always exciting and fun! We are having a blast! I think the best part is watching the creativity in my children - they are always coming up with some new adventure or activity to engage in outdoors. They don't get bored. I love that!

Last week, while my two oldest were gone to Kids' Camp, I was on my morning walk with my four dogs around the property's perimeter when I came upon a dead headless duck. Our rear neighbors have a very large duck pond on their property, and I'm sure this duck was one of theirs. I'm not sure how it got on our side of the fence, and what took it's head but left it's body. A farmer-friend suspects a raccoon. But to detract other wild animals from coming, the little guys and I buried it. The boys really thought they were true farmers with that job!

The same rear neighbors have a tree that has fallen down and is leaning across our fence and onto our property. My daughter decided to make it her place to pray and read her Bible each morning.

Once all the boys discovered the tree, they made it their "tree house hide-out." They've been nailing random boards to it and painting it, all kinds of things.

One morning, my missionary sister-in-law, Holly, and my oldest boy, Josh, went on a jog and discovered a dirt path leading to railroad tracks. Along those tracks, they found blackberry bushes. They came back to get the rest of us, and we all went berry picking. That was the highlight of my week!

One guy couldn't wait until we got home to eat the berries

I've also been preparing for the new school year this week. All curriculum is ordered. We actually already have our subscription to Time 4 Learning, so I have two of my boys doing 30 minutes a day of that now. We've been talking about what activities each child wants to sign up for - some want gymnastics, some want to play sports, all will be doing music lessons. I'm trying to get everything in order before the two oldest children and I got on a week-long missions trip to Baja, Mexico at the end of this month. I'd like to start school shortly after we return.

And that's what's been happening at Heritage Farm this week!

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