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Friday, July 13, 2012

My Farmer Boy

We've been in our new country home for two weeks now. Time has flown! There's always something to do here. The kids find plenty of activities. They love it here, and I have heard them a couple times talking to each other and saying, "I like this house!" "Me, too!" When I call them in for lunch, they will say, "It's lunchtime already?" In our city home, it was always, "When's lunchtime?" I get so busy with projects, I look at the clock, and can't believe it's time to start cooking dinner. I'm sure time will slow a bit in the winter, but with sunny days, we're getting quite a bit done.

I have one son, in particular, who's really taken to the farm life! Perhaps it's because we read Tim Tebow's book, and Tim talks about becoming "farmer strong" as a young boy living on a farm. Or maybe it's just because he's begged to move to the country for so long. My oldest boy, Joshua, is nine years old, and very responsible. He loves to work. The first day we were here, he was helping fill some ankle-breaking holes on the land.
Everyone in our family has rubber boots. Josh loves his cowboy hat, too!
Before we moved, I was shopping for a riding lawnmower on Craigslist, and found one for sale in Wilton, where our new country home is. Turned out the guy who had the tractor lived walking distance from our new place. We bought the tractor, and the guy was nice enough to hold on to it for us until we moved. So the day finally came to go pick up our new-to-us tractor. Guess who got to drive it home?

Isn't he adorable?
And Josh wasted no time. He immediately mowed the front and back lawns, and did a fabulous job! He loved every minute of it!

The younger boys looked on with hopes that, someday, they, too, will be capable of doing big-boy jobs like their big brother!
Nathan, 4 years old, with his boots and kiddie shovel

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