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Friday, April 20, 2012

What's Been Happening Lately?

That's much of what has been happening in the Seiler home.
Joshua, our oldest boy, is doing fantastic on his team as a pitcher & catcher.
Noah is playing his first year of T-ball, and he could probably take it or leave it.

Our second oldest son, Luke, started Taekwondo a few months back, and he's doing very well. It's requiring a lot of self-control and concentration, two things he doesn't excel in by nature, so that has been very good for him.

Well, she's not quite a teen yet, but she's very close, and it already feels like it. Our homeschool group had a Jr. High/Sr. High Banquet for all the teens last week. It was really awesome! They all got dressed up, had a fancy dinner, took pictures, signed autograph books, and had a blast.

In addition, Hannah competed in our denomination's District Fine Arts Festival - she sang a solo. She earned a Superior with Invitation to Nationals. We were so very proud of her! She's now saving up all the money she can and working hard to pay to go to Louisville, Kentucky in August for the national competition. She's very excited!

It's true. I've been running around like a crazy woman - taking this kid to this practice and that kid to that game and doing this one's hair for her special occasion and planning birthday parties - all that on top of running the administration for our church, running a household, and trying to finish out this year of homeschool. We all have spring fever and are ready for some fun! Daddy has some time off work this next few weeks, and we need to play together as a family. I can't wait!

When life is so hectic and you're running ragged, tools like these can be a lifesaver.

What's For Lunch?
Just steal someone else's ideas - check out these kid-friendly healthy lunches: School Lunch Roundup

Keeping The Children Busy with Productive Activities
I love some of these scavenger hunt ideas, especially the nature one, because the children are learning while having fun: Simple Homeschool Scavenger Hunts

Building Up Each Other in the Family
Sometimes, too much free time breeds quarrels amongst the kids. They all start to get on each others' nerves. I love this idea to help build family unity and focus on the good in each other: The Letter to Self

Helping Kids Save Money
As the summer calendar begins to fill up with summertime activities for the children, my children begin to work and save money to help pay for those activities. I've sat with each of them and we've outlined what they want to do, how much each activity costs, and a total that they need to raise. This article has some great ideas for helping kids save money: Teaching Your Kids to Save Money 

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