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Friday, April 27, 2012

Feeding Your Family on the Run

Spring is absolute craziness in the Seiler household. Sports take over our calendar, and it seems we're gone more evenings than we're home.

Trying to feed everyone dinner while we're out of the house so much is quite a task. We could run through a drive-thru every night. With the cost of feeding a family of seven in a drive-thru, coupled with the lack of any nutritional value, we really hate doing that.

I decided I had to get organized and plan ahead if I wanted to survive the spring. So I developed a Game Day Cooler checklist. I did this because, although picnic packing is the obvious choice, not having a guide for what to pack when we've got to be somewhere in 30 minutes and I'm in a hurry is a formula for the "forget it" attitude. But if I have a checklist, which takes away the "thinking on the fly" aspect of packing, I set myself up for success.

So now, about an hour before we have to be somewhere, I start packing my Rachael Ray Cooler Tote with the items in my Game Day Cooler checklist. Many of the non-perishables just stay in the cooler all the time. The other night, I even added steamed asparagus (which we ate with our hands) and watermelon slices with our hot dogs for the baseball game. How "All-American" is that?

I've used my cooler checklist for other outings as well - it's not just for game nights. Whenever we're going to be gone for several hours and I know my children will ask for something to eat, I take this cooler in our van with us.

Now, I feel confident my family is eating healthy and cheap during this busy sports season. That makes this mom very happy!

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  1. That is a great idea! It's inevitable if we get stuck out side of home for longer than I anticipated I am never prepared when my children start getting hungry. Thanks for the inspiration I'm going to do this!