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Friday, January 11, 2013

What I'm Reading...

My Pastor-Husband bought me a book for Christmas, knowing that I'm in the midst of a personal transformation time - a season of transition.

The Me I Want to Be
DESCRIPTION: The bestselling author of When the Game Is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box; God Is Closer Than You Think; and The Life You've Always Wanted--will help you discover spiritual vitality like never before as you learn to 'live in the flow of the spirit.' But if God has a perfect vision for your life, why does spiritual growth seem so difficult? John Ortberg has some intriguing answers to that question, and he has organized his thoughts and God's words into a straightforward and timely guide for living your best life in The Me I Want to Be.

This book will show how God's perfect vision for you starts with a powerful promise. All those who trust in God 'will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit' (Jeremiah 17:7-8). Ortberg urges you to recognize your brokenness, understand that God is the project manager, and follow His directions. The author first helps gauge your spiritual health and measure the gap between where you are now and where God intends you to be. Then he provides detailed tasks and exercises to help you live in the flow of the Spirit, circumventing real-world barriers---pain and sorrow, temptations, self-doubt, sin---to flourish even in a dark and broken world. As you start living in the flow, you will feel: --- a deeper connection with God --- a growing sense of joy --- an honest recognition of your brokenness --- less fear, more trust --- a growing sense of being 'rooted in love' --- a deeper sense of purpose God invites you to join Him in crafting an abundant and joy-filled life. The Me I Want to Be shows you how to graciously accept His invitation.
I'm not finished with the book yet but I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It has "hit the spot," so to speak. I remember the day I opened the first page. I was particularly discouraged that day, and praying that God would speak clearly to me about what I was walking through. I needed answers and direction, and most of all, to see clearly. I heard nothing. God wasn't responding to me. How frustrating.

A few hours later, I opened the cover and began chapter one. Immediately, I felt God's voice speaking clarity through the pages of the book. He did answer me, just not how or when I thought He would. Thank You, Jesus, that You always keep surprising us!

Perhaps you will find this book as encouraging as I am...

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