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Friday, December 21, 2012

26 Acts for Newtown Victims

My heart is still heavy for the tragic events that took place a week ago today.

I have two boys the ages of those children who were killed last week.

I can only imagine how scared they would have been in those circumstances.

My heart is also grieved over the troubled young man who committed these acts - a boy who obviously needed more help than he received in life. This article gripped me: I Am Adam Lanza's Mother.

This Sunday, we will be challenging our church family to join in the worldwide 26 Acts Movement. If you haven't heard about it, you can learn more by visiting Twitter's #26acts page or Facebook's 26 Acts of Kindness page.

We will be inserting one sheet of instructions along with one sheet of stickers in each bulletin we hand out at all three services this Sunday.

To join the challenge with our church family, and others around this nation and the world, you can read my instructions here.

If you'd like to print out the stickers I created with a picture of each of the 26 victims, please follow these instructions:
1. Click on this link: It will not appear correctly in the Google screen.
2. In the top left-hand corner, click the DOWN ARROW which allows you to "download the current version."
3. Open the document with Microsoft Word.
4. Print the document in Microsoft Word on Avery label template 5160.

Will you turn your grief into action? Performing 26 acts of kindness gives us the power to create change in the midst of an evil situation.

On a lighter note...
Baby Rabbits
The baby rabbits will be two weeks old tomorrow. They just opened their eyes yesterday. With fur, they are much cuter than they were a week ago.
These are all five babies on day one. They look like mice.

My 9yo son will be selling these babies January 26. They will range in price from $30 to $50. We can't yet tell how many are does and how many are bucks.

One Rooster Down
We discovered this week that we have two roosters - which is not good. One in particular was getting somewhat aggressive. We decided to process him for the good of the flock.

Our friend Joe came to help with the deed, as this was our first time.

I'll spare you the gory pictures and skip right to the removing of feathers after his dip in boiling water.

Joe was a pro! Does that look great or what? Now he's aging in my fridge for a few days before we roast him.

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