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Friday, June 1, 2012


It's been absolutely crazy here! And I mean crazy!

MOVING: We're half packed up, ready to move sometime mid-to-late June. My house is beginning to echo as it empties. We're purging a lot, which feels really good. We plan to have a yard sale June 16th. Can't wait for that!

HOUSE UPDATE: I've been meeting lots of people out at the new house to get work done and quotes on future work. The five acres were mowed, which gave us a brand new perspective on our new property. It looks so much larger and expansive. So many possibilities!

BASEBALL: Joshua's team finished their season, and now he's being invited to some scrimmage games with traveling teams. He's trying to decide whether to do travel ball or take a break from baseball to play basketball this fall.

Noah had his last game of t-ball last night. He was very proud of his gold medal! He's gonna be quite the ball player when he gets a tad older!


Now that baseball is officially over, we can focus on packing to move and summer playing!

TODAY: My Pastor-husband left for our church's Man Camp. And my four boys went camping with their aunties and some friends for the weekend, so it's just us girls at home. How lovely!

NEXT WEEKEND: Really looking forward to getting away next weekend as a family - we had a credit for three nights in a cabin in Monterey! Ready to relax on the beach!

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