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Friday, February 24, 2012

March Monthly Menu

Today is big grocery shopping day! My husband gets paid on the 23rd of each month, and that's when I do my monthly grocery shopping.

But this month is going to be slightly different than usual. First off, I didn't spend two hours creating my menu for the month. Someone else did it for me!

In our effort as a family to eat more God-made foods, I have subscribed to a blog entitled 100 Days of Real Food. On this blog, there are four weeks of kid-friendly, real-food meal plans - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack - as well as the grocery list to go with them, which I integrated into my staples grocery list. So for March, I printed them off and am using that as my guide. I am so excited! This is going to be fun!

The other thing about this month that will be slightly different is the stores I will be visiting today. I'll start at Costco - always do. Costco has recently added numerous organic products to their shelves - very exciting! Organic products are already slightly more expensive, so having the ability to purchase them in bulk is a big blessing to the Seiler family.

But after Costco, I'm going to visit our local whole foods store, Sprouts Farmer's Market. I'm going to see how much I can afford to get there off my grocery list. If I still have items left, I'll pick them up at Winco.

This will be an adventure - trying to move more towards eating God-made food while staying within the grocery budget! Thank God we're starting work on our spring garden today as well! Hoping that will provide a little budget relief in a few months.

UPDATE AT THE END OF THE DAY: I was so pleased! I came in on budget! Buying less meats and buying more organics was a great trade-off!

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